September 2019 Product of the Month: Cleveland CBX 2 “Forgiving” Wedge

CG_logo275Cleveland Golf has been the leader in the production of quality wedges for many years. Constant innovation has been the key.

The company’s latest release – the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge is another in a long line of quality wedges – but with a twist.

It’s a cavity back wedge for cavity back golfers, and it’s your ticket to better short game shots every time you hit the links. The Cleveland CBX 2 brings more spin, plenty of versatility, and a whole lot of forgiveness to your golf game.


CBX 2 - GRIND HIGHLIGHTThe Cleveland CBX 2 is a new perspective on wedge design. For far too long, wedges have been stuck in a top down approach of designing for the world’s best players at the expense of the many everyday golfers who define the sport.

With the Cleveland CBX 2, Cleveland Golf designed a forgiving, cavity back wedge built for the everyday player. While it still features the tour wedge technologies that Cleveland Golf is renowned for, the Cleveland CBX 2 offers additional forgiveness to help serious golfers upgrade their short game.

Visit Cleveland Golf website to learn more, or order yours today:

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