Product of the Month: October 2019 – is a company dedicated to saving money for golfers and their families. We are also committed to growing the great game of golf.

Whenever you use your card, we will make contributions to programs in your area such as The First Tee©, Youth on Course and other initiatives which support youth golf.

drug-card425Find The Best Price Near You

Did you know that prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy? will help you find the best price at your nearest pharmacy where you can use your prescription savings card. works by negotiating the deepest possible discounts we can with the pharmacies and passing the savings directly onto you, the cardholder. Saving up to 87% on your prescriptions is easy, you just have to remember to use the card and have the pharmacy keep it on file. The FREE prescription savings card provides you access to the absolute lowest price on your prescriptions; the lesser of the discounted price, your insurance copayment or the pharmacy cash price.

For more information or to get your card, visit

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