Masters Weekend Special: Nicky G’s Authentic Pulled Pork

NickyG434As Official Culinary Expert for the GolfTalk Live radio show for many years, Nick Giovanangelo – proprietor of Inside Jewelers by day – has provided many expert tips on his passion … food.

For Masters Weekend, he unlocks the secret to perfectly prepared pulled pork. Whether it is the varied styles preferred in Georgia, Carolina, Memphis, Texas, Kansas City … or his favorite Italian style – the key is in the preparation of the meat.

• Start with a bone-in pork shoulder
• Place it in a heavy cast-iron covered roasting pan – preferably the Le Creuset brand.
• Add a small amount of chicken stock and beef stock
• Add preferred seasonings, depending on the style of pulled pork. The Italian version is listed below
• Slow cook the meat at 325 degrees, about 45 minutes per pound
• Remove from oven and allow to cool.
• Using gloves, remove the outer skin and any visible fat or gristle
• Remove the bone
• With gloved hands, start shredding the pork into edible strands

• Add the desired sauce – vinegar-based for Eastern North Carolina style; mustard-based for South Carolina style; sweet tomato-based for Memphis or Kansas City style. Texas style is usually a dry rub, applied to the whole pork shoulder before cooking. Cole slaw is a preferred addition to a barbecue pork sandwich.

• Roast pork, as served in many South Philadelphia eateries, is a careful combination of many seasonings. To taste, add salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme. Holes are pierced deep into the pork shoulder and entire cloves of garlic are pushed deep into the holes. Sliced provolone cheese and roasted long hot peppers are a preferred addition to an Italian roast pork sandwich.

Then sit back and watch the best players in the world battle Augusta National.

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