March 2020 Product of the Month: Impact Press

The Impact Press training iron helps golfers of all ages and abilities not only improve their impact position but more importantly improve the key components prior to impact.  The result provides golfers with improved contact, better ball control and a tour caliber impact position

Bill Schmedes III, an award-winning PGA professional, has developed a simple training iron – the Impact Press — designed to improve how golfers deliver the golf club at impact. The patented process forces golfers to change how they move the body, hands, arms and release – allowing for tour caliber ball-striking.

The impact press is actually a golf club used during practice sessions. The inventor, Schmedes, is director of golf at two well-known private clubs in central New Jersey – Shackamaxon Country Club and Forsgate Country Club. He was named one of the Best Young Teachers in America and Best in State by Golf Digest and Top 30 Golf Instructor by Golf Tips Magazine.

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