October 2017 – Product of the Month: Putting Arc MS-3D

logoPA_MA3DThe Putting Arc MS-3D allows golfers to use the toe or heel of their putter for a balanced putting stroke, and it works for both right and left-handed golfers.

The MS-3D is placed on the green, with the back of the ball lined up with the center line of the Putting Arc. With a correct setup and arm and shoulder rotation, the putter will follow the curve of the Putting Arc with no hand, arm or shoulder manipulation, and the putter face will always be square to the arc. If the putter face starts lined up with the center line of the Putting Arc, the putter can travel in a perfect “arc” and the ball will start along the target line with a square clubface.

The math behind the Putting Arc and the simplicity of the product are the reasons the company has been so successful for over 15 years, and this iteration, the MS-3D, is the most versatile Putting Arc yet.


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