November 2017 – Product of the Month: GolfJet

GolfJet350We all want to feel like rock stars every now and then. And in the case of golf, that means jetting around to the world’s best courses, breaking par, and getting pampered with the latest-and-greatest gear.

While GolfJet can’t help gain you access to courses, it can make sure you’re always armed with fresh gear wherever and whenever you travel — which can help lower your scores.


GolfJet gives subscribers the Tour pro treatment, providing them with a set of new premium golf balls, a fresh cabretta leather glove, and detailed knowledge about the course ahead of them — before each round.

Think of us as your personal sponsor. Our products will help take your game to the next level. Meanwhile, the GolfJet Connect smartphone app will immerse you into a golf experience with detailed personalized numbers and data. It’s your personal digital caddy that even connects all of your friends into your own personalized tour.

Visit the GolfJet Website at

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