May 2018 – Product of the Month: P3 ProSwing ProLaunch

The ProLaunch Package from P3ProSwing instantly provides you with the results you need to analyze your swing. Most launch monitors in the market only give you ball flight while leaving you guessing on why or what caused the ball to go there. The ProLaunch provides more by capturing the cause and effect of your golf swing while displaying how that affects ball flight and movement.

The addition of The ProLaunch now sets P3ProSwing apart from other simulators by measuring both ball and swing data…all the while keeping it affordable for the consumer.


Get the entire ProLaunch package including:
-ProLaunch Ball Monitor
-P3 Swing Sensor – Grass Top, Stance Mat with cut outs for right or left handed golfer
-Full P3ProSwing Software Suite
-Free Software Updates
-Ability to add more courses
-Full Swing Analytics
-Camera Integration on driving range and course play
-152 Virtual courses
-Accessory pack for ProLaunch to include platform for ProLaunch (with velcro kit), marked golf balls, Trigger Cable, Power Supply & USB Cable.
-Accessory pack for club sensor unit including plastic tees, one step tape for all types of clubs, foam golf balls, and one step tape applicator
-180 Day Warranty on Circuit Board on both club sensor & ProLaunch

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Current P3 Owners can add the ProLaunch
for only $1,999.00 by Clicking Here

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