January 2018 – Product of the Month: Pyramid Putters

“Pyramid Putters give you the tools to sink more putts, plain and simple. We took a holistic approach to improve scoring on the greens,” explains Colin Callahan, Creative Director of Pyramid Putters.


The Pyramid Putter features a unique milled face that reduces skid when hit off the sweet spot and provides a gear effect to keep your ball on line for putts that are hit off the toe or heel.

The putter features a superb alignment triangle on the leading edge that helps the player imagine a tracking line to their target. In addition, the flange features a target line, that when aligned with the leading-edge pyramid, let’s the golfer know that their lie angle is correct.

Pyramid Putters also come standard with a parallel width grip to keep the wrist action to a minimum.

Buy NOW at www.PyramidPutters.com, and type GTL at checkout for 15% off your purchase.

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