February 2018 – Product of the Month: SuperSpeed Golf

SuperSpeed_logo240SuperSpeed is a swing training system that ingrains the element of speed into a golfer’s swing was one of the hottest items at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show. Proof could be found in the fact that it was difficult to approach the SuperSpeed booth at the show because of the volume of industry visitors trying to get a look at the system.

Rather than using the old and incorrect method of swinging a heavier club or training device to increase distance, SuperSpeed uses three training clubs, one 20% lighter, one 10% lighter, and one 5% heavier than the player’s driver. The golfer progresses through a series of swings with different weights, moving from light to heavy, teaching the body to move more quickly through the swing. This concept is called “OverSpeed” training and tran-sales directly to the player’s swing offering noticeable swing speed gain immediately.

“If you just swing a heavy club by itself, your body’s going to rotate slower, every part and every segment is going to rotate slower and the club is going to move slower,” explains SuperSpeed co-owner Mike Napoleon. “Neurologically, this actually creates a slower reaction speed when you stand up on the tee and pull the trigger with the driver, so you’re going to get slower speeds. The way you actually train speed is to move faster. We use lighter clubs. You move faster first and this creates a reset of how fast your body is able to respond.”


The SuperSpeed training system comes with three “clubs” that feature different weights. It also comes with a series of video tutorials that help golfers begin building speed from the very first usage. SuperSpeed has created two years-worth of training that is included with the system.”

Purchase now at http://www.SuperSpeedGolf.com

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