August 2018 – Product of the Month: 1st and 10th Tee Trail Mix Bars

The 1st Tee and 10th Tee nutrition and energy bars from SCNS Sports Foods have been popular products with golfers for a long time. Other energy and nutrition bars have followed suit.

The new First Tee Trail Mix Bar and 10th Tee Trail Mix bar won’t melt. And, as an added bonus. They are both gluten free.


The 1st and 10th Tee bars are a great-tasting nutritious snack specially formulated for the needs of golfers. The 1st Tee Trail Mix bars are available in the popular oatmeal raisin flavor and dark chocolate chip flavor. The gluten-free combination of toasted oats, soy protein, crunchy nuts and seeds provides the fuel your body needs. The 10th Tee energy bars are cranberry flavored and also are gluten free.


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