April 2018 – Product of the Month: High Heat 257 Trio

HighHeat257trio350The High Heat name is synonymous with performance golf clubs that have helped amateur golfers hit the ball farther and straighter since being released more than three years ago. Known for being Golf, Inc. Magazine’s “Top Innovator Of Golf Clubs,” Dean Knuth has taken advantage of the 2016 USGA rule-change permitting a conforming golf club face to have a “trampoline” effect (CT) up to 275 CT in the large toe and the heel areas, but still no more than 257 CT in the center of the face, better known as the “sweet spot.”


With High Heat 257+ technology in all of the new clubs offered by Knuth Golf, the conforming Impact Area CT limit is complied with when golfers strike the ball in the sweet spot. Same as almost every major brand on the market. Most impressive, however, on off-center hits — when the ball is struck near the toe or heel of the club face — golfers are achieving more than 257 CT from the High Heat driver, fairway woods and hybrids. No other brand on the market averages anywhere close to that number when the ball is struck off center.

Website: www.HighHeatGolf.com

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