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Tony Leodora brings you the world of golf over the radio and through the web in an entertaining and informative manner. GolfTalk Live covers topics including reviews on golf courses, products & equipment, pro tour news and updates, and much more.

Find out why this show has been honored as the No. 1 Golf Radio shows in America for three out of the last four years by the prestigious International Network of Golf!

Listen online anytime on this website, live Saturday Mornings at 7AM on WNTP 990 AM in Philadelphia, or Saturday afternoons at 3PM on WOND 1400 AM in South Jersey. You can also watch videos of the always popular GolfTalk Live Video Commentary or Video Instruction from Lou Guzzi.

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GolfTalk Live Video Minute. Opinions on the world of Golf by Tony LeodoraGolfTalk Minute

Every week listen to our commentary called the GolfTalk Minute that airs on the radio at various times on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It is also available here on this website with an archive of some recent and past favorite golf related commentaries.

We will keep an archive available of the "GolfTalk Minute" that you hear each week including the most recent as well as some of the more popular older clips. Visit Listen Page for Current and Archived Commentaries.

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Current and archived commentaries: GolfTalk Minute  

GolfTalk Live Product of the Month: GruV Tool

Donít keep lugging those clunky, old-school alignment sticks around in your already overcrowded golf bag. Drop a GRUV TOOL into your pocket.

Not only will it quickly become your favorite new divot tool with its sleek design, convenient detachable groove brush and strong magnetic ball marker, but the 34Ē bright orange retractable alignment string means you can conveniently practice those swing path, alignment, and even putting drills, whenever and wherever you want.

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Blog Commentaries

We have recently customized the blog of Tony Leodora to make it even easier to make your comments. Please join the discussion on the weekly topics and opinions you can find on our blog or just click the blog navigation button on this website for your enjoyment.

TL Golf Services

GolfTalk Live is a division of TL Golf Services, a golf-specific public relations, marketing and event management company.

TL Golf Services was founded in 1998 for the express purpose of providing a networking and communication vehicle for clients within the golf industry.

Over the years our clientele has included businesses from every aspect of the golf industry - equipment companies, television shows, private country clubs, public golf courses, apparel companies, golf course architects and golf tournaments. Learn more about TL Golf

Looking for someone to Emcee at your next event...

Would you like Tony Leodora to be a Guest Speaker or Emcee at your event. GolfTalk Live's host is also an award-winning writer/columnist, a humorist and an accomplished after-dinner speaker. For years, he served as emcee for the national Golf Writers Association of America banquet in Myrtle Beach and does many other events throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

Looking for someone to Sing at your club...

Would you like Tony Leodora to sing at your club or restaurant? Leodora has performed at many local venues, entertaining guests with his rendition of the classics. Leodora sings the songs of Sinatra and other classics, including your favorites from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Visit the Singing Golfer website at:

For more information, contact TL Golf Services at 610-279-9220

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